WTI Exploring Additional Support to St. Luke Hospital in Haiti


World Telehealth Initiative established a telehealth program at St. Luke Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2017. They recently requested further assistance. In response, Sharon Allen, Executive Director of WTI accompanied physicians from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) on a recent mission trip to explore further collaboration opportunities.

A team from the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery has been working there for five years rebuilding the jaws of patients whose faces are disfigured by benign yet massive tumors. With each visit, many potential patients line up in anticipation of life-changing procedures. These are delicate operations, made all the more challenging because the doctors cannot see what they are dealing with until they arrive .

Telehealth can be used for pre and post-op appointments so the surgeons can maximize their time on the ground at St. Luke Hospital. In addition, the local surgeon will eventually be able to do surgeries himself and the TJUH team can oversee and mentor him remotely.

An internist joined us as well in search of partnerships involving other medical specialties. We are hoping to provide neurology and internal medicine support in the near future.

The photos below show the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital doctors preparing for a long day of surgeries with Dr. Augustin, Medical Director of St. Luke.

Megan Miley