WTI and Dr. Mahmood Present to Telehealth Innovation Forum


Click the video above to watch WTI Executive Director Sharon Allen & Dr. Iftikher Mahmood’s presentation.

Executive Director Sharon Allen presented with Dr. Iftikir Mahmood at the InTouch Telehealth Innovation Forum 2019 in Santa Barbara, CA in July. Dr. Mahmood shared his experience as a Bangladeshi doctor who has been trained in the United States, and is giving back to his home community in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Dr. Mahmood and HOPE Hospital of Bangladesh have partnered with World Telehealth Initiative to provide medical expertise using telehealth technology to help the people of Cox’s Bazaar and the Rohingya refugees that reside there. During the presentation, ED Sharon Allen beamed in to HOPE Hospital in Bangladesh to demonstrate how simple and effective the technology is.

Megan Miley